Our Service

With over 15 years of lending experience the Birmingham Mortgage Group, LLC knows the right questions to ask to put you in the right mortgage for your lending needs. It is our goal to make the mortgage process as easy as possible in today’s lending environment while providing you the most competitive rates and terms available. We do this by shopping many different lenders to see which lenders will best suit your personal needs for a mortgage. We believe every customer is unique and customize a specific plan tailored towards your specific needs and goals for your mortgage. With our unique process of mortgage selection coupled with the local knowledge of the market you will be with one of the best local lenders around. Our local knowledge of taxes, insurance, title, attorneys, appraisals, and everything that goes into the mortgage process will help ensure you know what mortgage you are getting in to before you start the mortgage process. Give us a call today and get ready for the best mortgage experience you’ve ever had!

Our Mission

The Birmingham Mortgage Groups, LLC’s mission is to serve each and every client with the best level of service through the mortgage process. Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing your home we always put your mortgage needs first. The Birmingham Mortgage Group was founded to provide a platform from which our clients can receive the best service and pricing available when purchasing a home. That’s it… We are not re-inventing the wheel just making it run faster, smoother, and less expensive!

Our Process

We strive to make the process as easy and as pain free as possible when purchasing or refinancing your home. Mortgage lending over the past few years has become much more regulated, we keep on top of the latest so you know you are going to get the to closing table on time. The Birmingham Mortgage Group, LLC uses modern technology and our every day experience to make the process easy on you while still maintaining the highest integrity. Through our knowledge and experience we can navigate through the mortgage process with the utmost speed and efficiency to get to the closing table, and enjoy the satisfaction of your new home.

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